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The Companion is a part of the official portland emergency plan

The Sewer Catastrophe Companion is now a part of the official Portland emergency plan!  This is all thanks to the great work of PHLUSH.

Our Sewer Catastrophe Companion was featured several months back on the excellent Discard Studies blog. Max Liboiron does excellent writing on waste, reminding people what it’s really about:

Update: Note to Mathew, call people, don’t just google companies.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Brent from Hyphae Design Lab in person.  Although they don’t say so on their website, they have extensive toilet experience and know exactly what they’re up to.  I look forward to hearing more about the project.       This could really set composting toilets back [...]

Public Laboratory wins a grant from the Knight News Challenge!

At the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science, of which I’m a co-founder, we’ve just been awarded $500,000 by the Knight Foundation. Congrats to all my co-founders, Jeff, Sara, Shannon, Adam, Liz,Stewart, and to our whole online community, and thanks to the Knight Foundation! This is really going jump-start a lot of work! Read [...]

Eco-Toilets Summit, Falmouth, MA

I just got a great report back from Earle Barnhart of the Green Center on the Eco-Toilets Summit that he and Hilde Maingay organized.  What a glowing success!  You can read about it on this guest post I did for PHLUSH. I wanted to host here Earle’s finished presentation on toilets, following the nitrogen pollution [...]

Compost-heated Greenhouse c.1750

Ním Wunnan points us towards the Lost Gardens of Heligan, where they have restored to operation a “pineapple pit,” a compost-heated greenhouse in fashion in the mid-18th century for growing pineapples in Britain.  It is, as far as is known, the world’s only operational pineapple pit.

Tuning the Aeration of our Pile

We’ve built a compost pile that is designed to be minimally turned and composted in a vessel, so we’re using a blower to get air in, and we need to tune the aeration rate. Our first problem running aeration tests is to measure the effective aeration of our system. As detailed below, the New Alchemy [...]

Greenhouse & Sensorhub up and running

Check out our data streaming in at explanations and images of the greenhouse and electronics will be forthcoming.

Help Protei! Autonomous, oil-sopping sailbots

This is fairly off topic, but I had to cross post from my personal blog.. Protei is a project I whole heartedly support, and provide tiny bits of advice too. Cesar Harada has put together an incredible team, and with a little money it is going to happen. “We are developing Protei : a low-cost [...]

Earle Barnhart & Hilde Maingay on Sanitation Alternatives

We received a lovely e-mail from Earle & Hilde, who have been busy illustrating alternative urban sanitation systems that can solve Cape Cod, Massachusetts’ ongoing aquifer poisoning.  Great flow diagrams for nitrogen within different systems, these would be a great complement to any presentation on contemporary sanitation practices and the future of sanitation.

Emergency Sanitation Workshop This Saturday

We'll be doing a 45 minute workshop on Saturday June 2nd @ 2pm at King Elementary School as part of Resilience
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