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Constructive Interference: Opening March 19th

Mat’s hand sink design, our bathroom posters and the Emergency Sanitation Handbook from the PNCA class will be on display later this month in Atlanta, GA. The show is a collaboration between the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Emory University.

The Dream of the 60′s is Alive in Wolhusen

As part of the Cewas start up program Mathew and I had a chance on May 19th to visit Tropenhaus, a greenhouse for tropical plants located in the small town of Wolhusen, CH. The idea for the tropical house began with Johannes Heeb 11 years ago. The motivation was to re-use the waste heat from [...]

Towards ubiquitous public urinals

We got started on waterless urinal development through talking to Carol McCreary of PHLUSH at Recode’s Greywater celebration and revised our plans through discussions with Carol, Jeff, Barbara, and everyone in PHLUSH. I gave a talk on this subject over at Research Club Sunday, 4/10 at the Tribute Gallery. Special thanks to Tribute director Brian [...]

Fighting the Flush: Metropolis Next Generation Competition

Mathew and I entered Metropolis magazine’s competition for “one fix that will make a positive difference in the designed environment.”  They had 292 applicants this year. We wrote up a proposal for a networked sensor platform for navigating the social and legal obstacles to locally cycling organic matter.  It closes the loop between composting toilets [...]

Emergency Sanitation Workshop This Saturday

We'll be doing a 45 minute workshop on Saturday June 2nd @ 2pm at King Elementary School as part of Resilience PDX.org
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