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Publication of the Year: Shit: A Survival Guide

Our SHIT lab at PNCA has spent the last two months putting together a publication on emergency sanitation. Right as I was headed out the door to go to our final critique I got an email from Carol McCreary of PHLUSH about a survival guide on shit put out by COLORS (yes as in United [...]

Eco-Toilet Summit in Cape Cod Saturday July 16th

Falmouth, Massachusetts is continuing the conversation about how to manage their wastewater conundrum. The community’s current wastewater systems are threatening groundwater and the current options are expensive. If you’re interested in learning more about alternatives to expensive onsite wastewater treatment systems, this will be a very educational event. I’ll be getting back from our studies [...]

Talkin’ Shit in Switzerland

The Cloacina Project is in Switzerland till July 9th to participate in the first ever Cewas Start Up Programme in Willisau, Switzerland. The start up program brings together 12 young professionals from around the world for a year with several sessions in Switzerland, on session in India and yearlong mentorship from some of the world’s [...]

Diagram of Types of Composting Toilets

Ah, at last I found the simplest illustration of types of composting toilets. It’s from a review of household dry sanitation practices around the globe put out by Toilettes du Monde in France. The full article hasn’t been translated into english yet, but the summary has.

works in progress

first pages from our zine on containerized dry sanitation, in progress.  here are two two page spreads from our 7″x 8.5″ zine, half-size legal 8.5″x 14″ format.  I like this size because the 17:28 aspect ratio of a legal page is pretty close to the 16:9 of widescreen HD.  a single 7″x8.5″ page also adapts well [...]

Links on the history and future of toilets

History Kris De Decker is one of my favorite technology writers, and up on Low Tech Magazine he has a great new article on re-use of human excrement, resource crises, and a 19th century Dutch and French vacuum sewers I’d never known about.  Vacuum sewers are making a comeback. Future Both EcoSanRes and SuSanA (Sustainable [...]

The Other WTO

The World Toilet Organization. Check out this amazingly comprehensive 158 page compendium (PDF link) of toilets, sanitation, and sewage technologies.

Public Urinals of the July Monarchy

Happy May Day! I’ll be at Washington High School Park after 6. These public urinals were built between 1833 to 1848 by Rambuteau, Préfet of Paris, for his anti-miasma “water, air, shade” campaign.  Although he is now more famous for his fountains, in Rambuteau’s Paris these urinals were christened with name.  A wonderful article [more [...]

Emergency Sanitation Workshop This Saturday

We'll be doing a 45 minute workshop on Saturday June 2nd @ 2pm at King Elementary School as part of Resilience PDX.org
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