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Portable Composting Toilets for Multi Day Events

The Cloacina Project with design and implementation from PNCA’s graduate students in Collaborative Design created an open source hardware platform for toilets, urinals, hand sinks and privacy screens for portable low cost dry toilets. Recognizing that hardware is only half the problem the PNCA students addressed the user interface by creating a training protocol, help [...]

Opening May 21 at AT1 Projects, LA

Things have been quiet here on our blog, because we’ve been preparing an exhibition.  An essay/text  and prototypes of ours will be featured in the Super/Prime Pavilion at Volume, AT1 Projects opening show.  Super/Prime is curating a collection of works about transformations in process.  We’re excited, but won’t be able to make the opening.  If [...]

Towards ubiquitous public urinals

We got started on waterless urinal development through talking to Carol McCreary of PHLUSH at Recode’s Greywater celebration and revised our plans through discussions with Carol, Jeff, Barbara, and everyone in PHLUSH. I gave a talk on this subject over at Research Club Sunday, 4/10 at the Tribute Gallery. Special thanks to Tribute director Brian [...]

Emergency Sanitation Workshop This Saturday

We'll be doing a 45 minute workshop on Saturday June 2nd @ 2pm at King Elementary School as part of Resilience PDX.org
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