Our most recent talk was for the Pearl Neighborhood Association's Disaster Preparedness Round Table discussion. We're talk afterPortland Water Bureau Emergency Management Preparedness around 40 minutes in. It's a short 15 minute overview of our emergency sanitation plan.

We totally forgot to record our talk at Project Grow. But let's just say it started with the Lion King's song "Circle of Life."

The PSU Ecological Restoration Guild and the Student Water Resources Group brought us in to speak on campus last Wednesday about our hopes and dreams for ecological sanitation in the Northwest.

You can see images from case studies we discussed in our powerpoint and watch the whole presentation. We focused the talk on toilets and graywater solutions that can work within and around our existing sanitation infrastructure of septic tanks and sewers.

Psu Jan 25th Ppt (Opt)

October 22nd, 2011. "Water! Toilets for an Emergencies." East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District. Morgan O'Hara and Halley Roberts

October 30, 2011 "Why Bathrooms are Gross". Research Club Brunch #19. Mathew Lippincott

April 10, 2010. "The Circle of Life". Research Club Brunch #5. Mathew Lippincott, Molly Danielsson playing the Circle of Life from the Lion King as loud as possible in the background.